Free music, on your terms

Say goodbye to proprietary music players filled with ads, tracking, and profiling.
Nuclear empowers you to listen to what you want, where you want, and how you want, for free.

Nuclear running in a laptop computer Nuclear mascot running

Stream from any free source on the internet

Nuclear supports Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and your local library. A flexible plugin system allows for easy addition of more.

Social integrations

Nuclear integrates with and Mastodon, and lets you import favorites and share what you’re listening to.

Free as in freedom

Nuclear respects your freedom and it’s developed under the Affero GPL license.

We collect no data and have no telemetry, no Code of Conduct, no Contributor License Agreement and absolutely no ads.


Yea this is 100% going to be shit-canned in no time. Either with cease and decists or threats of lawsuits.
itismyjob, redditor
If they aren't paying the artists this will be wiped off the face of the net in a month.
VelvetElvis, redditor
This is why I don't like Linux anymore. You guys are in some fucking sort of communist hippy paradise mode where you deserve everything now and only other people should pay for it. HACK THE WORLD!
IllDecision, redditor

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